From Left to Right: Becca Napolitano (teaching assistant), Branko Glisic, Maria Garlock, Roberto Gottardi (Cuban Architect)

Professor Maria Eugenia Moreyra Garlock received her Bachelors of Science degree from Lehigh University and a Masters of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Cornell University. She subsequently worked four years for Leslie E. Robertson Associates in New York City as a structural engineer before returning to Lehigh University and completing her Ph.D. in 2003. She is currently an Associate Professor at Princeton University in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, where she teaches structural engineering and researches the response of structures to large earthquakes and large fires. She also studies the best examples of structural designs of the present and past (i.e. “structural art”) and uses this to inspire her research and teaching. Professor Garlock was co-curator of Felix Candela: Engineer, Builder, Structural Artist, which was an exhibition that was held in the Princeton University Art Museum, the MIT Museum, and the Carnegie Museum of Art. She co-authored a book with the same name. In 2010, she was co-curator for Fazlur Khan: Structural Artist of Urban Building Forms, and in 2016 she was co-curator for The Art of Spanish Bridge Design. In addition, she has designed several exhibitions to be on permanent display at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Professor Branko Glišić received his degrees in Civil Engineering and Theoretical Mathematics at University of Belgrade, Serbia, and his Ph.D. at the EPFL, Switzerland. After eight years experience at SMARTEC, Switzerland, he has been employed at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Princeton University. His areas of research and teaching are structural health monitoring, structural analysis, and heritage structures. Professor Glisic was co-curator for the 2012 exhibition “The Evolution of German Shells: Efficiency in Form,” and co-exhibitor in 2011 and 2013 editions of “Art of Science.”